What affects the cost of a loan?

The cost of the loan is the main thing everyone pays attention to when borrowing money. Yet, the majority mistakenly assumes that the cost of the loan equals the interest rate. It turns out that the total (the final) cost of a loan is comprised of several elements along with the interest rate. Each elementContinue reading


Five steps to becoming an expert in loans

You will hardly find a person who was never thinking of getting a loan, as modern life dictates the terms where most of the things revolve around money. You get married and get a loan for a house, you send your children to college and you get a Students loan and so on. Knowing howContinue reading

bank loan

15 key facts about getting a bank loan

Getting a bank loan requires a thorough research and a clear understanding the pros and cons of the terms. You should know exactly what aspect of the loan Agreement plays in your favor and what terms could eventually cost you extra money. Here is the brief list of the most useful and helpful facts aboutContinue reading


What Debts to Pay Off First?

This is the question you should answer if you have several debts. Having several debts may include mortgage, car loan, student loan, credit card debt or any other kind of a debt you may have. Usually, debts for the most important things that provide you with living and education are available with a relatively lowContinue reading


How to Remove Your Name from Cosigned Loan Agreement

The essence of cosigned loan agreement is the fact that you guarantee that other person’s debt will be payed off either by him or you. It is a huge responsibility and usually someone asks about this as a favor. In most of the cases it is impossible to remove your name from the agreement andContinue reading

Business loans you have probably not heard about!

Applying for conventional business loans could be quite challenging at times. There are tons of criteria which your potential lender evaluates before making a decision about your trustworthiness. Often, when you have not high enough credit score you could be rated as a subprime borrower which means your percentage rate will be higher than youContinue reading

payday loan

What comes in disguise of Payday loans?

In spite of being just another loan option, a payday loan may lead to several unforeseen consequences, especially if the borrower has a lack of knowledge about what payday loan really is. Payday loans are called “A game you will never win” for a reason. In you are in a desperate search for the urgentContinue reading

student loan

How not to pay your Student loan back

It’s not a secret that student loans are the most common types of loans in the USA which fail the repayments. If you also find yourself in financial hardship, here is the guide on how to deal with your student loan’s repayment in a less painful way. First, you need to know you will definitelyContinue reading

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Ten mistakes preventing you from getting a bank loan

Getting a loan is an easiest and a fastest way to find needed money, whether for buying new appliances, vehicle or just for having your deserved vacation. There are thousands of different lenders who offer a variety of loan types, adjusting the specifics of loans to the needs of borrowers. For the urgent cash, youContinue reading

Personal Loan

Top Ten lenders to apply for a Personal Loan in the 2017 year

It’s important to know that not only banks can lend you money, but also commercial companies who usually offer the more attractive terms. Statistically, a Personal loan is the most demanded and common type of loans, so the following review will come in handy the day you will decide you need to borrow money forContinue reading